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Perfect! I love this ring.
Perfect! I love this ring. It has so much sparkle for such a dainty ring! Complements my other rings really well! Exactly what I wanted!! This came quickly and is great quality! Ships via UPS requires someone to be present at delivery, it can be tricky to receive if you are not at home all day. Make sure to use UPS tracking to know when you should be home.
Victoria Calva
Madrid, Spain
My fiancée and I are so happy...
My fiancée and I are so happy with our experiences through RRP Diamond. The service has been wonderful and the quality is exceptional. Thank you so much for ensuring quality product and happy customers. It’s nice to shop for something like this, without feeling the pressure to buy, and the pushiness from a sales person. We truly appreciate what you guys do!
Ravi Desai
Dubai, UAE
My ring is so beautiful!
My ring is so beautiful! The quality of ring is amazing and the picture doesn’t do it justice. I also really love the engraving option! It looked great. It is exactly what I had in mind. Shipping was extremely fast, I had the ring in less than a week I highly recommend buying jewelry from RRP, you wont be disappointed. I will definitely be shopping here come anniversary time!
Jenny L
Boston, USA
Our prices are lower than others, because we have our own diamond manufacture company called RRP Diamond and it’s all we give you directly. No Middleman.

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